Pula airport

Pula is the most significant city in the Region of Istria, Croatia. The town is situated at the southern tip of Istria, with a population of 57,460 according to the census of 2011. The city of Pula is recognised for its actual warm climate, relaxed deep sea together with exempt environment. The urban center has an extensive culture of winemaking, fishing, shipbuilding and tourism. Additionally, it is the managerial area of Istria back in the Roman times.

Pula has its international airport with consistent air flights to Zagreb, and even nonstop services from many European cities such as Amsterdam, Edinburgh, London, Oslo, as well as Zurich.
Pula Airport is 7 km from the town centre. The airport is selected as an alternative international airport for parts of Slovenia and many cities in eastern Italy.

Pula Airport is one of nine airports in Croatia. The airport is open primarily for military purposes by the Yugoslav army in the fall of 1954 and served until May 1, 1967. In the same year, Pula Airport has become a civilian airport.

Pula airport attracts a large number of passengers who travel the Dalmatian coast and islands. In 2015 the airport served 359,426 passengers.
The parking space at Pula airport has two parts: Part A and Part B. Parking tickets can be obtained at the airport by making payments directly into the automatic machine in the airport terminal building.

There are Taxis available at Pula airport, and the price varies according to passengers. If you take a taxi, you will pay 20 kunas for the beginning of the journey and 10 kunas for each additional kilometre. If there are 1-6 people, the cost of one kilometre is 12.50 kuna; 7-8 persons, 15 kunas.
At Pula Airport, you can find a kiosk, bar, several car rental companies as well as a duty-free shop.