ACI Marina jezera, Murter

If you start short listing the most beautiful town of Croatia, Jezera located on the Murter Island would be somewhere in the top of the list. This town has won the “Blue Flower” which is the most prestigious award of Croatia for urban landscaping, five times in a row owing to its rich historical and cultural background, beautiful sea and best keeping. ACI Marina Jezera is located in the south of its bay and is one of the most awarded marinas of Croatia.

This “Blue Flag” holder marina is open all year and on the eastern side it is protected by a breakwater. ACI Marina Jezera is located on an island but it is well connected to the mainland vie Tisno bridge and from there to a wide network of roads. Also being in the vicinity of Zadar and Split international airports makes it easily accessible.

This prestigious Croatian marina has 233 berths and 60 on-land mooring places for the vessels if required. All of these berths are quite spacious and are provided with every needed facility like free water and power connections. A workshop in the complex has the facility of a 10 ton crane at your disposal and it can provide you a wide range of maintenance or repairing services. You have to pay for all the services at the reception which can also provide you with any sort of information you want to have. There is a bureau de change located inside the reception and for the password of Wi-Fi you’ll have to ask the staff there.

Outside the reception you will find yourself in a small fascinating market with a wide range of accessories and some exclusive ACI collection. There is also a restaurant right there in the market providing only the best Dalmatian cuisine to the tourists. You can also find some charter agencies and a sailing school there just by the side of the fuel station. Other amenities at ACI Marina Jezera include a swimming pool, launderette and sanitary facilities.

If you want to observe some true ancient Dalmatian sprit then this is the place where you should come. This is the place where old traditions are still alive and seafarers happily coexist with the fisherman. We can help you to make this trip more intriguing by providing some best and most affordable transport services of Croatia. You just need to tell us about your arrival date and we’ll take care of all your transfer matters from the marina to any where you want.