Frequently asked questions regarding our taxi transfer, shuttle and minibus services:

Before booking a taxi

What Information Is Needed To Order The Taxi Transfer Services?

On the first page you need to provide your arrival date, time, pick up location, destination and the number of people. On the base of this information you’ll get a quote about which size of vehicle you may need. After that you would be asked for any special requirements, like baby seats or bikes. In the end you would be asked to fill in your basic personal information like your full name, email ID, and your contact number. After providing this, your requested transfer services would be booked.

What If I Couldn’t Find The Desired Route?

You will be redirected to our contact page so you can enquire from us through our website, SMS, Whatsapp or you can call us. We will provide you with all the required details and the best offer.

How to Pay For the Taxi Transfer Services?

You can pay online in advance through which you have to do nothing. The other way is to pay the full amount in cash to our driver when he drops you on the desired destination. If you’re paying in advance online our driver will be informed by our system and there’s nothing more you need to do. If you’re paying on arrival by cash, you’ll pay the full amount when you arrive at your destination.

Can I Have A Transfer With More Than One Stop?

Yes, you just need to provide us with the locations if you want to stop at some hotel or resort and full address with area code in case you want to stop at some private address. You would also have to provide us these details for the return journey too. In some cases like the extended stay, some additional charges may also apply. Additional charges may apply, especially if you decide to go shopping for for your sailing trip, in that case it can take up to one hour waiting time.

When to Pay For the Return Trip?

In case you didn’t use the online method, then you have the option to pay full at once or to pay separately for each trip. In either case you’ll get a voucher stating the details.
However, if payment is in cash we like to collect a deposit to have a guarantee that you will not leave with another cab, especially if its a long distance from our main base.

Before your journey

How Much Luggage Is Allowed?

The allowed luggage per person is a small hand carry and a standard suitcase (70cm × 47cm × 21cm) per person. Please keep in mind that your luggage would be transported in the same vehicle you are travelling in. If you have some excess or large sized luggage please inform in the time of booking to avoid any inconvenience or extra charges.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

We will wait for you at the International Airport Arrivals with a Signboard and your name on it. This way you will recognize our driver easely.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

Just give us a short call on +385 98 536 591 and we will connect you with him directly.

In Case my Travel Group size has changed, can I choose another car/Minibus?

If you think you would need a larger vehicle please contact us ASAP and we will be happy to adjust your booking request. We always try our best to accommodate your requests, however vehicles are subject to availability and cannot always be guaranteed. Especially on bigger Minibuses, if you need to change your vehicle last minute, please contact as soon as possible, please do not wait last minute for such requests. In the case that you are able to change your vehicle, there may be an additional charge.

Are Child Seats Available?

Baby and child seats are available only on request. You need to mention it in your booking info.
Additional charges may apply.

What If My Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled?

All the direct flights are monitored for any delays and the reservations are automatically updated.
For example, if your outbound flight is delayed or cancelled, or the connecting flight is delayed causing late arrival at the final destination, then you are advised to inform on the supplied telephone number provided on the voucher or on +385 98 536 591. This is to ensure that your transfer is rescheduled; otherwise it may result in services being provided on the original details. In that case the company wouldn’t be held liable and no refund would be provided. In some destinations the night charges may apply.

Rule about Inappropriate and Offensive Behavior.

Company reserves the right to refuse carrying any person under influence of drugs, alcohol or having an offensive behavior. In such cases no claim for refund would be entertained and the customer would be held liable for any damage on the vehicle.

Can I Cancel My Booking?

Booking cancellation can be done 24 hours before the pickup time without any charges and you would be informed about that.

I Haven’t Received Any Confirmation Email.

In such cases you must check your spam folder and check if you have entered your email ID correctly. If you couldn’t find it, contact us and we would be happy to resend it. In case you made the reservation very close to the arrival time then the driver would have been informed and he’ll be waiting for you.