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Briefly about Zadar airport

Zadar is likely one of the loveliest cities in Croatia, in the heart of Dalmatia. The region is located on the Adriatic coast. In 1936, Zadar had a regular commercial flight that was provided by Ala Littoria. The Airport also served as a former base for Lufthansa’s flight school Inter Cockpit. Zadar Airport, known locally as “Zracna Luka Zadar” is located in Zemunik Donji, a small village about 8 km from the city of Zadar. Zadar airport was one of the few airports in the world where train paths crossed the street. The road was closed on April 7, 2010, because of the conditions agreed with the European Union during the negotiations on Croatian accession.

Since the beginning of April 2013, Zadar airport became a Ryanair base with a parked Boeing 737-800 and also served 16 European destinations in Germany, Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The airport at Zadar has an open parking lot with 577 parking spaces. You can apply for the entrance ramp by pressing the button on the ATM. You will receive a ticket marking the time of entrance and then park your car. On leaving the airport, you will insert the card into the machine to pay for parking. After completing the payment, you will get the same return ticket which was inserted in the device at the exit ramp with the bar code facing up.
The starting 10 short minutes of parking is free, the price in the first hour is 20 kuna per hour, and the price for an additional hour is 10 kuna. At the moment, there is a steady positive development in the level of passengers at Zadar airport, mainly due to the new international routes operated by low-cost airlines.

Regarding domestic flight, there are routes to Zagreb and Pula.