Most popular Cities & Towns in Croatia

Since the late 90’s Croatia is becoming the new face for tourism in Europe with its stunning beauty, medieval cities, historical artifacts, and an astounding 1185 islands. From the amazing wine and bars of Istria to the parties and celebrations of Zagreb, from the beautiful Adriatic coast to the less explored regions of Split and Zadar and the best of all the stunning town of Dubrovnik in the south, Croatia has it all to make your trip the best of your life time.

Starting with the jewel in the beauty crown the Croatia, the old town of Dubrovnik is absolutely a must see before you die. This “Pearl of the Adriatic” is the most visited place in Croatia so it tends to get crowded in the busy summer days but even then you can spend days just walking around the streets and visiting the sites there. You can even have one day trips to the adjacent countries of Bosnia, Hercegovina and Montenegro from there.

Another must visit place is an archipelago of 20 islands with the old town on a small peninsula, the Rovinj. Locating on the northern Istrian peninsula, Rovinj is the place where you can get away from the hustle of the modern world. This place is the heaven for peace lovers and sightseeing people with some real peaceful islands, 12th century town clock, seven medieval gates and St. Euphemia’s Basilica.

A lavishing, up-market and one of the most visited place of Croatia is the one having the longest annual average hours of sun in the country, the Hvar town. The town square of Hvar town is one of the most beautiful and largest of the country with amazing historical buildings of 13th and 17th century around. Apart from the history it has everything for the nature lovers from the mountains to a sweet swim in secluded coves. Whatever type of person you are, Hvar has something amazing for you.

The three thousand years old Zadar city locating on the northern Dalmatian Coast may not be as famous as the other coastal towns but it is rather an underrated place. This can be an ideal place for you as it has much to enjoy with almost no crowd. In the heart of the city, you can find its traffic free old town having a number of historical artifacts like roman ruins and many old churches. By the side of this old town, you can find some stunning beaches where you can have a great sunbath, a swim of a life time and relax.

The elegant Croatian capital Zagreb is said to be the ever green Croatian tourist point and it do deserve it. Numerous beautiful sights, some great restaurants to delight your taste buds, shopping points and the iconic night life Zagreb has it all to make it one of the best tourist points of the country. Plitvice Lakes National Park is another beautiful gem of Croatia with about 16 interconnecting waterfalls and some beautiful flora and fauna. Open all the year around, this place is a great tourist attraction in both summer and winter as you can hike numerous trails, or explore the park on boat and you can even ski there in winter. Plitvice is located in the south west of Zagreb and in the north of Zadar, so you can easily incorporate this beautiful place in your tour.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation for your family then Makarska Riviera can be at the top of the places to visit list for you. Makarska locating at about 1 hour drive from the Split city has not much to offer in the name of sightseeing but it can offer you some great hiking trails with some beautiful views, some good beaches and accommodation as per your budget allows.

If this was not enough to satisfy you, you can pay visit to the “Sun Kissed Flower of the Mediterranean” the Split city. This Second largest Croatian city is located on a peninsula off the Dalmatian Coast. This maze like city has so much to offer you in terms of both historical artifacts and the natural views like the amazing 300 AD Diocletian’s palace, the Green Market and Bacvice beach. There is one thing that really can give you headache while your vacation is the hectic task of managing your transfers in Croatia. The best way to tackle is to enjoy your vacation and pre-book the ride for you.

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