Airports in Croatia

The newest member of European Union Croatia has established itself as one of the most desired vacation point owing to its immense untouched natural beauty, history and all of it in a real economical way. The term untouched doesn’t imply that you would be in some place where you couldn’t get the modern day facilities. Croatia thrives to provide all the necessary modern facilities to the honored guests. This is the thing which you can get from you first step in Croatia when you land at one of their sate of the art airports.

You can fly to Zagreb International Airport, also known as Pleso Airport from about any part in the world. This is the largest and busiest airport of the country locating in its capital city serving over 2 million people every year. This airport is an old one with about everything refurbished and a new terminal under construction. This airport is the preferred destination for the most of people for being in capital and also due to least queue times like you can check out of the airport in about just half an hour after your landing.

Alternatively you can also land right in the heart of Europe on the Rijeka airport on the KRK Island. This airport may look small at the first sight but it is exactly according to the needs as it easily handles its maximum traffic during the summer times. The best thing about this airport is the free access terrace where you can enjoy the view of amazing sun set along with the plane seeing.

If you want to have some touch of real modern facilities upon your arrival, you can fly to Dubrovnik Airport alternatively known as the Cilipi Airport. This one is the most modern and most facilitated airport f the country with an area of 13,600 meter squares and four jet bridges. Soon they are going to build a modern commercial zone and a four star hotel in the facility along with a new runway.

If you have a desire to explore the real Croatian culture that is the beautiful beaches, music and Islands then Pula International airport may prove to be the perfect stop for you in Croatia. Built according to the highest international standards, Pula international airport can handle the large commercial flights and provide the passengers with maximum facilities they can desire.

Alternatively you can also fly to Zadar International Airport locating in Zemunik Donji.

This small but modern airport is the main training base for Croatian airforce and it is vital to connect Zagreb and Pula to some major European destinations like Vienna, Podgorica, Brussels and London. The interesting thing about Zadar airport is that, it was the only airport in the world where a public road crossed the main taxi way. This road was closed down in 2010.

Split International Airport also known as the Resnik Airport can prove to be the ideal landing point for you if you are flying from Europe vie Croatian Airlines. This second busiest airport of the country serves about 2 million people each year and it can accommodate 10 planes at the same time.

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