Ferry ports in Croatia

Croatia, the new tourist’s attraction of Europe is a heaven for nautical lovers with long sea cost and about 1185 stunning islands. With such a sea area, it is highly likely that you would be sailing around in some ferry about the country and would come to some of the beautiful ferry ports of country.

Split city has the largest ferry port of the country with about 50 boats departing daily from here. This one of the most visited ports has the title of third most important one in the Mediterranean after Piraeus of Greece and Naples of Italy as more than 260 cruising boats sailed here in just one last year. In the bay of Kvarner, the port of Rijeka is the largest ferry port and this is the closest exit to the Adriatic Sea to reach the continental cites of Croatia and the neighboring countries.

The Ferry Port of Zadar is located in the central part of the town and is 7.5 meters deep with 1000 meters’ length. Zadar has a lot of inhabited islands, so the ferry lines here connect almost all of them locating in Zadar archipelago. The gem city of Croatia, Dubrovnik has its ferry port locating in the west part of the town. This ferry port is the one with relatively less traffic as the most of the traffic here is only for the Dubrovnik city.

Another less visited is the Port of Pula which has the only international link to Italy. If you want to visit Croatia and Venice at the same time then this port can said to be the ideal destination for you. If you want to visit Makarska of the surrounding Hvar or Brac islands, then you have the option of two ferry ports. One comparatively larger and more facilitated one is located in Makarska town and the other is located 29 km south in Drvenik.

Two other very important ferry ports are located in Korcula, one of the largest and stunning islands of Croatia. Depending on your final destination you can choose either Vela Luka or Domince Korcula. Another beautiful place to visit in Croatia is the island of Brac locating in the Central Dalmatia.

The most popular ferry ports here are the Supetar Ferry Port and the Port of Bol. The Supetar port has a very active ferry line for Split the port of Bol cannot be reached by the large ferries. You also have the option of the Port of Milna here. All of these ports are well equipped and are provided with all the basic amenities of any well-developed port. There are nautical equipment stores as well as general stores by the sides of each port and boat repair and maintenance facilities are also available on almost each of them.

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