Zagreb Airport

Fifteen kilometer outside of the medieval city of Zagreb is its international airport which is also known as the Pleso airport. Named after the former Croatian president Franjo Tuđman, this is the largest and busiest airport of the country serving above 2 million passengers every year. It serves to provide flights to almost all the local destinations and many international ones.

The airport is in fact a very old one with small spaces and only one terminal. But most of the facility is refurbished now and the second terminal is also under construction. This new terminal is expected to be ready by the end of 2016. Less space of facility is countered effectively by reducing the queue time.

There are more than enough check-in counters and the security check is also effective and polite at the same time. That means in a little over half an hour from your landing time, you can be in the beautiful city of Zagreb. Airport facility also has some duty free shops, cafes and changing rooms for the passengers. They are also proving a 30 minute free wifi, which is better than most of the international airports.

This airport is the hub of Croatian flag holder airlines and trade lines; also it serves as the administrative center of Croatian air traffic control. A base for Croatian air defense and air force is also placed inside the airport complex. The basic administration of this airport is the responsibility of ZAIC consortium under a contract they signed with the Croatian government. Apart from financing and designing of the existing airport complex, ZAIC is also responsible for the construction of the new terminal.

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